Moonrakers Band - S/T LP

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 Moonrakers Band - S/T LP

Moonrakers Band - S/T LP (Cinedelic/Italy)

Listening Notes: 1974 Nigerian afrofunk with Zamrock and Jamaican flavors sprinkled in, psychedelic ska that leans on both guitar and keyboards, Jazz sax blowing through upbeat highlife tempos, and uplifting/exuberant Caribbean melodies with a James Brown flare.

Mood: Finding power in making the most out of your limitations.

They Say:

Reissue, originally released in 1974. An aura of mystery is hidden on this magnificent album released on EMI Nigeria in 1974 and today a collector's cult object was the only one named Moonrakers Band. Steve Black tells: "We were the original members of The Moonrakers and were based in Zaria, then in 1972 we left band management and started The Elcados. The original management of The Moonrakers sold the name to his elder brother who had a club in Kano and they brought Prince Bola Agbana to get other musicians to continue The Moonrakers while we moved in as The Elcados." Moonrakers Band and the Elcados were the two bands that inflamed northern Nigeria in the early '70s with a more rocking and virtuoso sound, and especially with tons of rare grooves, then everything else around it. Coming to the album content tracks like "Wait For Me", "Cut Your Coat According To You Size", "Yara Manyan Gobe", but also "Enia Sa Pele" and "Move On", will make floating camels appear on the dancefloor, or in your house.