Lung Leg - Maid to Mix LP (pink vinyl)

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Lung Leg - Maid to Mix LP (pink vinyl)

Lung Leg - Maid to Mix LP (Last Night From Glasgow/Scotland)

They Say:

We are thrilled to bring you the remastered debut album from Lung Leg. This definitive 14 track reissue, mastered from the original Southern Tapes includes bonus tracks unavailable on either of the previous releases. The album features new rear sleeve design and inserts.

The new tracklisting is as follows :

Previous Condition, Theme Park, Disco Biscuit, Shaver, Juanita, Maid To Minx, Whiskey A Go-Go, Right Now Baby, Viva By Spectacula, Lonely Man, F.S.R, Kung Fu On The Internet, Lust For Leg, Krayola, A Different Kind of Love.

We Say:

Without going too deeply into the history of Riot Grrrl, as one revolution was taking place stateside, another was happening simultaneously in the UK. I can't really explain why, but while I appreciated Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and the likes, it was the records from UK that made me want to pick up a guitar and find my voice with a mircophone. Huggy Bear, Kenickie, Skinned Teen, Lung Leg, and really anything in Slampt Records, these were my femme anthems in the '90s. For those who are looking for a wider descriptor for Lung Leg, The 4 women from Scotland would have also fit nicely on Rough Trade in the '80s - quirky pop with grit and who could drink all of us under the table.