Memphis Electronic - One + One = One LP

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Memphis Electronic - One + One = One LP

Memphis Electronic - One + One = One LP (Monotone/France)


They Say:

First solo album by French Dum Dum Boys, XYZ and NON! guitar player Didier Balducci aka Memphis Electronic. Fuzzy and wild, lo-fi, and stylish. Fuzz guitar, drum machine, vintage synths and intense emotions. 16 songs nearly spontaneously home recorded, ranging from trashy rockers to lo-fi glam and heartbreaking ballads, and including three totally idiosyncratic covers of the Stones' "Miss You", The Only Ones' "Another Girl Another Planet" and The Ikettes' "Camel Walk".

We Say:

Middle points between Suicide and Stereo Total, music for Iggy Pop and Lux Interior had they teamed up to make a workout video that required warm up and cool down tracks, Didier Balducci of Dum Dum Boys solo making minimal vintage synth cool jams along size hot guitar fuzz with all the reverb you can handle, people who look separated at birth with Luke from The Rapture, zombie dance parties, and DIY album covers taped together by hand.