Kate Bush - The Kick Inside LP (mango chutney color vinyl)

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Kate Bush - The Kick Inside  LP (mango chutney color vinyl)

Kate Bush - The Kick Inside LP (Fish People/UK)

180g Mango Chutney vinyl. / Obi strip with pressing date.

If I pride myself of carrying music made by groundbreaking women, I would be remiss to omit Kate Bush. In a pyramid chart of iconic voices of the past century, hers rests firmly in the capstone.

They Say:

The Kick Inside arrived the year after punk broke, which Bush knew served her well. “People were waiting for something new to come out—something with feeling,” she said in 1978. For anyone who scoffed at her punk affiliation—given her teenage mentorship at the hands of Pink Floyd’s Dave Gilmour and her taste for the baroque—she indisputably subverted wanky prog with her explicit desire and sexuality: Here was how she might intrude. The limited presence of women in prog tended to orgasmic moaning that amplified the supposed sexual potency of the group’s playing. Bush demanded pleasure, grew impatient when she had to wait for it, and ignored the issue of male climax—rock’s founding pleasure principle—to focus on how sex might transform her. “I won’t pull away,” she sings almost as a threat on “Feel It,” alone with the piano. “My passion always wins"....

"The Kick Inside was Bush’s first, the sound of a young woman getting what she wants. Despite her links to the 1970s’ ancien régime, she recognized the potential to pounce on synapses shocked into action by punk, and eschewed its nihilism to begin building something longer lasting. It is ornate music made in austere times, but unlike the pop sybarites to follow in the next decade, flaunting their wealth while Britain crumbled, Bush spun hers not from material trappings but the infinitely renewable resources of intellect and instinct: Her joyous debut measures the fullness of a woman’s life by what’s in her head."

Taken from a portion of Laura Snape's beautifully articulated review of TKI via Pitchfork