Cyril Cyril - Le Futur Ca Marche Pas LP

Cyril Cyril - Le Futur Ca Marche Pas LP

Cyril Cyril - Le Futur Ca Marche Pas LP (Born Bad/France)

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They Say:

Cyril Cyril's music seems familiar because it's not deaf to its neighbors, in the broadest sense: Geneva, their lair, Europe, their playground as a duo, and the world, their grocery store. There's plenty in those two heads, but just the two of them on stage. Cyril Yeterian fiddles with a polyglot banjo and catches his tangy voice on the fly with pedals. Cyril Bondi hauls around a huge drum kit (voted wackiest of the decade), covered in sonic shells and the occasional pad. For their third Born Bad album, they have invited two lads from Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Inès Mouzoune (multi-instrumentalist from Amami), and Violeta Garcia (whose cello features on Le Futur ça marche pas). Genosidra, aka Carlos Quebrada, who crafts club delicacies in Bogotá, mixed heavy, full gravy, a challenge given the quantity of material, recorded as a family affair at Insub Studio. This album features heavy guitar/drums text-driven ballads, polyrhythmic noisy drum splatter with crafty vocal knitting, deconstructed and harmonically ambitious compositions, and Latino frogs croaks. Since their previous efforts Certaine Ruines (BORNBAD 109CD) and Yallah Mickey Mouse (BORNBAD 138CD), it turns out that the future isn't working out so badly for the two Cyrils, who each have a label to run. Bongo Joe for Yeterian, Insub for Bondi -- who also beats the drum for La Tène in his rare spare time. And that's not counting with their supergroup Yalla Miku (with Hyperculte, Anouar Baouna, Ali Boushaki, and Samuel Ades). Quietly sitting on crates of records, they patiently build their sound. Never tired of sick networks and never-ending struggles, Cyril Cyril live is a rousing mess, shouting out the common spleen while still managing to have a good laugh.