Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop 10"

Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop 10"

Wanda Jackson - Honey Bop 10" (Bear Family/USA)

Listening Notes: Twenty-six minutes/ 12 tracks of classic Wanda who turned 85 this year, Bill Dahl liner notes chock full of photos, oversized full color postcard of Wanda, rockabilly feminist anthems celebrating strength, power, and sex, and an iconic roar that could not be contained despite her various record labels pressuring her to sing using a more traditional feminine/soft voice - bask in her glorious rasp!

Mood: First generation pantsuit powerhouses, leaving the dishes in the sink, cigarette in one hand - a drink in the other.

They Say:

All hail the rockabilly queen! Wanda Jackson staked her royal reputation as an unbridled rocker on the killer sides she waxed for Capitol Records during the second half of the 1950s.

A dozen of those classics constitute this Bear Family Records® 10-inch LP, every one permeated with the sexy swagger and sensual sway that became her trademark after Elvis helped convince her to switch her stylistic focus from country to rock and roll.

Wanda set her own Baby Loves Him, Mean Mean Man, Cool Love, and Savin’ My Love afire, made the swinging oldies Fujiyama Mama and Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad her own, and transformed the rip-roaring (Let’s Have A) Party into a national hit (even Elvis and The Collins Kids couldn’t do that).

Wanda’s studio bands included guitar demigods Joe Maphis and Roy Clark as well as her own touring combo, The Poe Kats featuring piano pounder ‘Big’ Al Downing. Jackson’s rip-roaring rockabilly side is on full glorious display on these 12 classic tracks. Talk about a party!