Violin Sect - Vile Insect 12" EP

Violin Sect - Vile Insect 12" EP

Violin Sect - Vile Insect 12" EP (Minimum Table Stacks/USA)

Listening Notes: Welsh post punk from the early '80s skating on the very edge of conventional pop music, understated reggae infused funk-punk-disco that bewitches, an EP whose album title was inspired by Frankenstein, bands who were listening to Red Crayola, PIL, The Fall, Raincoats, Scritts, Slits, Swell Maps, and yet their love of Syd Barrett often shines through the most, and anti-pop stars who enjoy a lingering case of the sads.

Mood: Listening to your enemies so you know what's going on

Limited to 300 copies

They Say:

The Violin Sect 7" from 1981 is one of the rarest and largely unknown documents of 1980's "UK DIY" post-punk. Touching on the same sounds as contemporaries such as Scritti Politti, the Raincoats and the Pop Group, the Wales-based quartet existed for only a short time, managing to play just a few shows and record and self-release one two-song 7" on their own label Cheek to Cheek (A Porky Prime Cut!). The record remained obscure for decades, even managing to evade the gaze of compilers of "the lists" that got the collectors salivating. No Kugelberg's "Top 100", no "Messthetics" compilation entry, not even a mention in "45 Revolutions". Then, nearly four decades later, the band's bassist Steve Walker dug up the perfectly preserved original 1/4" studio tapes with both songs from the 7" plus two more songs the band recorded at the same session but never released. Presented here for the first time, digitally remastered, are all four songs on 12" 45rpm, along with a fold out poster insert with liner notes from Steve, original photos and ephemera from his archive and a reprint of a 1981 fanzine interview with the band. Minimum Table Stacks is proud to present this amazing artifact from one of our favorite eras of independent music ever!