Various Artists - Paink: French Punk Anthems 77-82 LP

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Various Artists - Paink: French Punk Anthems 77-82 LP

Various Artists - Paink: French Punk Anthems 77-82 LP (Born Bad/France)

2022 Repress

They Say:

2022 repress; LP version. Best of the best of French punk tracks. Only French KBD killer tracks. Released for the forthcoming exhibition "Europunk" at Cite de la Musique (Paris - October 2013/January 2014). The first French incarnations of "Le Punk" (pronounced "paink" in numerous locales) were not carbon copies of their foreign exemplars. Babbling, swarming, morphing, genuinely disorganized anarchy, bad intentions transformed into good ones: that's how punk rock (or at least a close approximation) was initially adapted to fit our peculiar French perspective. There was not the slightest network to distribute records or organize concert tours. Older generations were hostile (or worse, compassionate or even paternalistic). There was nothing and no one to forge a connection between the handful of small, isolated groups, fundamentally motivated by a passion for what they deemed true rock 'n' roll (the desire to terrorize the neighborhood arrived soon afterward), each in their own little world, trying to provoke their backwater village or their lame metropolis, and meeting, of course, with total indifference. Artists include: Les Nouveaux Riches, Strychnine, Electrochoc, Gasoline, Sexe A Pile, Soggy, Marie France, Ruth Elyeri, Les Olivensteins, Coronados, Dogs, Warm Gun, Gloires Locales, and Guilty Razors.