RSD 2023 / Various Artists - Chicago Soul '67 LP

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RSD 2023 / Various Artists - Chicago Soul '67 LP

Various Artists - Chicago Soul '67 LP (History of Soul/UK)

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They Say:

Chicago was the blues capital of the world in the 1950s, but by 1967, soul had permanently taken over as the music of choice for the African-American public. Recording activity in the city peaked with more 45s being released than ever before. Major labels ABC, Mercury, and Brunswick had a huge presence in the Windy City along with the big local independent Chess. But small labels were the heartbeat of the music scene. 4 Brothers, Sack, USA, Palos, Tuff and Dakar were in the forefront, more agile and quicker to respond to musical preferences and developments such as the emerging funk rhythms. This LP showcases the best of this output -- the sounds that hit music listeners and buyers straight from the street, a perfect blend of both tough and hard and the softer soul sounds. Right for the feet and for the heart. Features Bobby McClure, Betty Everett, Sam & Kitty, Knight Brothers, Shirley Karol, James Phelps, Bobbie Jean Bland, Cash McCall, Tyrone Davis, Jesse Anderson, Maurice McAllister, Josephine Taylor, Jo Ann Garrett, Mamie Galore, E. Rodney Jones, and Lee Wilson.

Track Listing:
A1. Bobby McClure - Baby You Don't Love Me
A2. Betty Everett - Love Comes Tumbling Down
A3. Sam & Kitty - Your Money, My Love
A4. Knight Brothers - You're My Love
A5. Shirley Karol - Just To Make You Happy
A6. James Phelps - The Wrong Number
A7. Bobbie Jean Bland - I'm Satisfied Just Loving You
A8. Cash McCall - S O S
B1. Tyrone Davis - I'm Running A Losing Race
B2. Jesse Anderson - Get Loose When You Get Loose
B3. Maurice McAllister - I'd Rather Do It Myself
B4. Josephine Taylor - Depend On Me
B5. Jo Ann Garrett - I'm So Afraid
B6. Mamie Galore - Do It Right Now
B7. E. Rodney Jones - Peace Of Mind
B8. Lee Wilson - A Lonely Boy