V​/​A​-​Scaling Triangles LP

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V​/​A​-​Scaling Triangles LP

V​/​A​-​Scaling Triangles LP (Zaius Tapes)

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They Say:

"Before I made my home in & became Tanzania's #1 acknowledged periodontist, I was a busking girl throughout the UK. From early 1978 until the mid 80's I squatted everywhere; Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Hastings & finally London. Music was our currency-mostly crude folk, DIY punk or amateurish, Klaus Schulze inspired synthesizer buzzings echoed off the walls wherever I chose to lay my hat. Admirers of records from this time know all too well that many compilations-mostly regional-flooded Britannia in those lean years, perhaps my favorite being one entitled Scaling Triangles. It was the first female forward collection I'd come across; three women artists, each tracking three songs. Only The Petticoats I was familiar with as she'd released a 7" ep on her own. The other two-Sole Sister, Sub Verse-seem to start & end here (Sub Verse contributes a track to the 'Compilation 1' lp on Starforce Studios-4th Wall ed). And as such, it is a diverse panorama of 'Le Beau Sexe' flexing wooly muscles. If this is from a particular scene I cannot say, but if you want taunt (Sub Verse), aggro (Petticoats) & free (Sole Sister) moving tracks, look no further. Fans of Young Marble Giants, The Flowers, Udder Milk Decay could do worse. Thank you Johan Klemp, it is so great to hear these songs so many years later. Now reissued on Tanzania's #1 recording label! And don't forget to brush your gums!"—Bupi Ramadhani (Tanzania's #1 acknowledged periodontist, Esnan Dental Center, Dar Es Salaam)