The Wasps - Punkryonics LP (blue vinyl)

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The Wasps - Punkryonics LP (blue vinyl)

The Wasps - Punkryonics LP (Radiation/Italy)

They Say:

East London punk pioneers the Wasps were part of the first wave of punk acts that exploded in early 1976. After extensive touring across the UK, debut single "Teenage Treats" was championed by John Peel and follow-up "Can't Wait Till '78" was also well-received; singing to RCA in 1979, "Rubber Cars" made an instant impact before being canned by the label, shortly before the band's fatal rupture. This must-have compilation gathers those great 45s with previously unreleased demos, this edition is completed by a demo of "Stranger Love" and the Live At The Vortex take of "Waiting For My Man". A must for all true punk lovers. Originally released as a CD compilation released at 2003. Translucent blue vinyl.