The Toms - S/T 2LP

The Toms - S/T 2LP

The Toms - S/T 2LP (Feel It/USA)

First pressing black vinyl edition of 400 (does not include limited 7").
Shrinkwrapped in a double pocket gatefold jacket that includes a reproduction of the first LP's original lyric sheet, download code, and hype sticker.

Listening Notes: Supersized power pop hooks blazing through an AM radio on a sunny afternoon, a one man band (Tommy Marolda) with the combined gift for melody of McCartney, Rundgren, & Lowe, New Jersey's best kept secret, a British invasion unform completed with Look Sharp white shoes, overdub masters, tight harmonies highlighting epic jangle, high notes to crack glass, songs that stick with you like a shadow, and essential late '70s listening that is so timeless - it doubles as the Dorian Gray of pop music.

Mood: Dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin as the fab 4

They Say:

THE TOMS was originally released in 1979. The project of Tom Marolda, a New Jersey musician, he recorded the album in his home studio, playing all the instruments himself. In the years since its release, it's become a highly prized treasure amongst power pop fans around the world, at least those lucky enough to discover it. Beatlesque melodies abound on a record that sounds anything but lo-fi. Feel It Records is proud to re-release this long sought after gem with 11 bonus tracks plus Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) performing "The Flame" for the first time ever released! -John M. Borack, Author, Shake Some Action 2.0: An Updated Guide to the 200 Greatest Power Pop Albums

Written, performed, and produced by Tommy Marolda.
Tracks 1-12 originally issued as The TOMS LP in 1979 by Black Sheep Records.
Tracks 1-19 originally recorded September 1979 at Songgram Recording Studio in Mercerville, New Jersey. Tracks 20-23 from the Songgram archives.
Track 24 recorded by Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) - originally intended to be used in a film titled 'My American Boyfriend'.

Remastered by Caufield Schnug at Melody Men Mastering.
Original LP design by Tommy Marolda.
Design/layout for reissue by Kenny Close.
Executive producer for reissue: Sam Richardson.