the telescopes - Taste LP

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the telescopes - Taste LP

the telescopes - Taste LP (Radiation/Italy)

A must own for anyone who believes Spacemen 3 and MBV are the only important HEAVY shoegaze bands (or loves it when Dino Jr puts the pedal to the metal) who helped jumpstart the genre. Real talk, I would gift a gazer this record before any Slowdive or Ride LP.

They Say:

Reissue, originally released in 1989. Midlands experimental group the Telescopes were not your average '80s band. Instead of opting for formulaic guitar jangles, the group mashed-up psychedelia, space rock, noise rock and indie, with a touch of chamber music here and there. Debut album Taste is considered their masterpiece, and rightly so, the unique result stemming from frontman Stephen Lawrie's creative vision. The triple-guitar onslaught tips things over the edge in places, yet there are also cool moments of respite. An absolute masterpiece of the whole shoegaze era, and one of the most influential LPs in '90s alternative rock. Dive in, soak up and be amazed.