The Stick Figures - Archeology LP

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The Stick Figures - Archeology LP

The Stick Figures - Archeology LP (Floating Mill/USA)

This record includes 2 inserts, a label sticker, a download code, a hand-colored back cover, hand-numbered/limited to 500 copies, and a hand-stamped inner sleeve with a plastic outer sleeve

They Say:

The Stick Figures, formed in 1979 by University of South Florida students Rachel Maready Evergreen and David Bowman (siblings), Robert and Sid Dansby (also siblings), and Bill Carey, were a seminal fixture in Tampa, Florida’s deep and talented pool of late-70s/early-80s post-punk groups.

In a 1981 review from Dublin’s Hot Press magazine touting “places as unlikely as” Tampa being “well in sync with the globe’s pole-position [post-punk] scenes,” Nigel Burnham praises the “excellent” Stick Figures. After noting the band’s fandom of Delta 5 and how they opened for The Fall and Lounge Lizards, Burnham distinguishes The Stick Figures from their contemporaries by claiming that “there is enough here to suggest the SFs are going their own way—with a vengeance...we’re hardly talking here about specific songs—rather a revolutionary approach.” But The Stick Figures didn’t go their own way with a vengeance for much longer, breaking up less than a year after the release of their 1981 eponymous EP.

For the last 40 years, those four tracks were The Stick Figures’ complete discography—until now. Archeology, the first release from Floating Mill Records, takes the original EP and adds six previously unreleased songs, two live tracks, and a reimagining... more
released September 3, 2021


The Stick Figures’ second full-length album, this one of entirely unreleased studio recordings from 1980 - 1981, will be released by Floating Mill in Spring 2022 and will be available on vinyl, tape, CD, and digital download.

"This album is dedicated to Pam Wiener Dubrule and Gloria Bowman; two women who provided guidance, sustenance and support even when we didn’t deserve it…!” - The Stick Figures

All songs written and performed by The Stick Figures.

All songs recorded between April and November 1980.

We Say:

Just when you thought there were no more undiscovered gems in the weirdo American '70s/'80s underground oeuvre, the brand new label Floating Mill appears with a shockingly exciting retrospective of the South Florida band The Stick Figures. New wave power pop dances around sunshine (state) drenched post-punk with detours into damaged dub, outsider jangled indie-pop and lo-fi art fueled-funk. I could compare them to the Screamers with B-52s sensibilities, yet I can't quite put your finger on their sound because when you consider the time in which they were writing these songs, it is nothing short of confounding and groundbreaking. They were truly their own miraculously unique thing.