The Small Intestines - Hide in Time LP

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The Small Intestines - Hide in Time LP

The Small Intestines - Hide in Time LP (Merge/USA)

They Say:

In 2013 Tristan dreamt George Harrison and Tom Petty were on motorcycles circling one of those huge roundabouts in Canberra. Their long hair was blowing as they sang "You can't hide in time".

The Small Intestines play spare room rock'n'roll with a penchant for three-piece harmonies.

They formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2016 while Matt and Rob were taking some downtime from Chook Race and Tristan was on the tail-end of his solo project, Peach Happening.

Their debut album Hide in Time will be released on September 29, 2023. It was self-recorded by the band, mixed by Matthew Ford (Tenth Court) and will be released in Australia by Lost and Lonesome and in Europe and North America by Meritorio.

For fans of early Go-Betweens, The Bats and Felt.