The Infinites - Archetypes LP

The Infinites - Archetypes LP

The Infinites - Archetypes LP (Meritorio/Spain)

They Say

Second album by The Infinites on Meritorio Records.

The Infinites started as Dan LeVine playing guitar loops while Jared Leibowich sang songs on top of the loops about imaginary people. They eventually asked Ian Rundell, Miles Kelley, and Sam Jordan to join, and the band released their first album in 2019, with each song being a short story about an imaginary person. Album two continues the theme of short stories for each song, but instead of imaginary people, each song explores a certain kind of archetype.

The band's name, The Infinites, is influenced by both the never-ending loops that are the foundation of each song as well as the infinite universe that the band is trying to create, filled with a continuous array of unique characters.