Teini-Pää - Sata syytä aloittaa LP

Teini-Pää - Sata syytä aloittaa LP

Teini-Pää - Sata syytä aloittaa LP (Soit se silti/Finland)

Erin O Says:

Listening Notes: Sata syytä aloitta translates to "A Hundred Reasons to Start," and this second full-length from Finnish group Teini-Pää gives at least a hundred reasons to start listening to the band if you're not already. Everyone's short on time these days, so, we'll give you just a few of those reasons here and leave you to happily discover the rest.

Teini-Pää plays well-crafted and delightful noise pop reminiscent of early Go-Go's, Bleached (or Mika Miko, the Clavin sisters' other project), even The Aislers Set, with hooks so catchy you're tempted to sing along even if you don't speak a lick of Finnish. Altogether, the dozen tracks are bright, romantic and hopeful, like a really good day where every moment, every sensation is worth savoring and etching into memory.

Mood: Grab your jean jacket — the world is in bloom, you're meeting friends for ice cream, and you're walking there with a breeze in your hair.

They Say:

TEINI-PÄÄ is a noise-punk, power pop and teenage dream band founded in 2018. The band released their first double single demo on Christmas Eve 2018 and then went on tour around Finland. The band has previously self-published the debut EP "Full of Questions" in the fall of 2019 and the stand-alone "Hotelliin / 112" in the summer of 2020. The band's debut album The World is Waiting was released on January 21, 2022. Recorded at Lauri Eloranta's studio in spring 2021, the album was published by Soit Se Silti. Teini-Pää's second long play, Sata Syytä Aloittaa ("One Hundred Reasons to Start") was published by Soit Se Silt on February 10, 2023. The album was produced and recorded by Jyrki Rehell.

"In a just world, Finnish five-piece TEINI-PÄÄ would rule the global airwaves. Mixing the melancholia of Alvvays with the punch of The Go-Go’s and the hooks of dare-I-say-it ABBA, their brand of indie pop is that infectious and that likeable. Sata Syytä Aloittaa is the follow-up to last year’s excellent debut LP Maailma Kyllä Odottaa, a record I fell head over heels for and (note to self) still need to add to my collection. If you liked the debut, you’ll be sure to like Sata Syytä Aloittaa as well. It has a similar mix of punchy and upbeat indie pop and more mellow tunes. Sata Syytä Aloittaa translates to Hundred Reasons To Start. I could probably come up with a hundred reasons why I like this band..."—Add To Want List

"If I could see this band on a bill with the Plastic Tones I could just die knowing that I got to briefly sample the best Finnish power pop one could ever hope to fill their earholes with. Leaning on a guard rail and looking into a rushing river as the snow gently falls, running up a flight of stairs to see your crush, meeting up with your friends at night on a downtown street corner. My brain is about seventy-five percent informed by ’80s movies, and this music isn’t helping! It’s so poppy, romantic, and earnestly nostalgic-sounding I can’t help but visualize these very specific scenes as I listen. If this record isn’t making you dance like a drunkass Molly Ringwald, you’re doing something wrong. Nössöpunk coming in strong for 2022."—Daryl, Razorcake