T54 - Drone Attacks 2LP

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T54 - Drone Attacks 2LP

T54 - Drone Attacks 2LP (Ally Records/USA)

Remastered and expanded!

Listening Notes: alternative rock, fuzz pop, garage, psychedelic punk, Christchurch

Mood: Sonic exuberance

They Say:

Before New Zealand’s Salad Boys, there was T54, also fronted by Joe Sampson, joined by Matt Scobie on drums and Sam Hood on bass. T54 featured a visceral, sonic guitar sound, perhaps out of step with most of the Flying Nun bands at the time. Joe describes T54 as being “stuck in the wrong era somewhat” yet “enduring well in NZ for those who bought the music and saw us live at the time.” Originally released in 2011, Ally is proud to bring you an expanded and remastered limited vinyl edition of their first ep that also includes several demos and live tracks. Be prepared to be wowed by this noisy three piece from Christchurch influenced by classic NZ bands who also have three members (The Clean) or numbers in their name (The 3Ds) -- like The Clean, The 3Ds, and other NZ greats, T54 will not disappoint!