Sumos - Surfacing LP (blue vinyl)

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Sumos - Surfacing LP (blue vinyl)

Sumos - Surfacing LP (Meritorio/Spain)

They Say:

Sumos are a scuzz-pop band from Manchester, UK. They began as a bedroom recording project between Joel Sloan (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Kyle Tarbuck (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals) after a hiatus from playing together in a previous band. They then became a four-piece, adding Kyle's sister Siobhán Tarbuck on Bass and Andy Kilroy on Drums. Sumos debut album "Surfacing" is the follow up to their home-recorded EP 'Weird Summer' in April 2020.

'Finding a Way' is the first single and opening track from Sumo's debut album 'Surfacing'. "It's a 3-minute noisy pop song about probably the most sung about subject in pop music, a troubled relationship."