Stone versus Chardon - Fuzz-ci, Fuzz-ça ! 7"

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Stone versus Chardon - Fuzz-ci, Fuzz-ça ! 7"

Stone versus Chardon - Fuzz-ci, Fuzz-ça ! 7" (Pop Supérette /France)


I am one of the few folks in America with this record for sale - check out all this good stuff: Super 45 rpm facsimile, sold with: • a French sixties EP
style cover (laminated offset printing, with exterior flaps, etc.); • a 4-page color booklet; • a postcard ; • a color OBI (cardboard band wrapping the disc).

They Say:

In 1966, Éric CHARDEN had already recorded a handful of records without real success. However, for his last super 45 rpm, released by Decca a year earlier, he tried his hand at electric rock, mixing an extremely saturated guitar sound with a folk-rock style sung and spoken, which is the trick at the moment in France. Two of these four titles are the subject of this reissue by Pop Superette. The first is “Amour Limit Zero” whose gaping, almost garage fuzz has forged its legend among French Beat fans. The second is the excellent “Question”, a (very) angry folk-rock, where CHARDEN's banter makes it almost a proto-punk thing. CHARDEN has just met Annie “STONE” Gautrat, during the Miss Beatnik election. This one, a fan of the Who to the point of walking around with a jacket cut in the Union Jack, has recently been signed by Polydor and is looking for composers. We can guess what happens next: STONE and CHARDEN will fall in love with each other and will marry at the beginning of the summer, before forming this inseparable duo from the Guy Lux years. But for now, CHARDEN will compose two jerks for the first super 45 rpm of STONE, which will be released immediately and which can be found on the other side of this reissue. Extremely well arranged by Jean Bouchety, these are must-haves of the genre. “I love life, freedom and straight hair” proclaimed STONE; the two titles here, “It’s my life” and “I’ll be right”, wonderfully capture the simplicity of these feelings in a Paris in the midst of new wave existentialism. STONE's drawling phrasing hits the mark, worthy of an authentic Swinging Mademoiselle.

Side “CHARDEN”: extracts from Éric Charden's 6th EP (Decca, 1965)
1. Éric Charden – Amour limit zero [Charden]
2. Éric Charden – Question [Charden]

Face “STONE”: extracts from Stone’s 1st EP (Polydor, 1966)
1. Stone – It’s my life [Charden]
2. Stone – I’ll be right [Charden]