Squalls - S/T LP (amber transparent vinyl)

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Squalls - S/T LP (amber transparent vinyl)

Squalls - S/T LP (Propeller Sound Recordings/USA)

They Say:

The band’s self-titled debut has been out of print since 1985. Newly remastered and expanded with unreleased demos and a follow-up single, this set features their most well-known songs, “Elephant Radio,” “Na Nanana,” and “Crickets.” This is the first release in a three-album reissue series from Squalls on Propeller Sound Recordings.

One of the original bands out of the Athens, GA indie rock scene, Squalls played their first show at the world-famous 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia on December 3, 1981. The band reached a wider audience thanks to an appearance in the 1986 documentary movie Athens, GA: Inside/Out.

RIYL: early REM, Pylon, B-52s AKA art school offbeat pop music


Elephant Radio
Strollin’ Bones
Na Nanana
The Sheik (Demo 1983)
Uh (Demo 1983)
Feet Are Walking (Demo 1983)
Bride of Frankenstein (7” Single 1985)
Crickets (7” Single 1985)