Spread Joy - II LP Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

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Spread Joy - II LP Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl

Spread Joy - II LP (Feel It Records/USA)

Limited edition Coke Bottle Clear vinyl (500 pressed) packaged in a reverse board sleeve with insert + download code.

They Say:

Spread Joy may as well be their own musical genre. An immediate flavor and mercurial 'Qu'est-ce que c'est?' begin their second album with the 45 second opener "Ow". Coincidentally, the album spins at 45, just like Spread Joy's self-titled 2021 debut. The Chicago group came out of nowhere, mid-pandemic, with a stunning ten track LP on Feel It. Returning to the warm analog environment at Jamdek Recording Co., Spread Joy have truly honed their craft across these 17 minutes and 17 seconds. This is the kind of punk-forward music that is made to be heard and felt, far from the distorted mirror of the web. A group living free, moving at their own speed, and making music that will be remembered - that's Spread Joy, folks!

We Say:

Another Turntable Report favorite to anyone who has been paying attention and a best of 2021 both live and in record form (seriously, their Gonerfest performance was transcendental). Here is what I said about the last record.

"Eccentric post-punk from Chicago with art school angles that spin out like an early Talking Heads LP played at 45 rpms and fantastically lean into Kleenex/Altered Images territory. Remember the first time you heard Pylon and thought, I need to hear that record again and then again and then maybe one more time for good measure? This is the kind of electrifying, ambitious, and decidedly strident 14 minutes you are in for. Crucial listening. "

Let's be honest, we all hope a band makes a better than or at least equal to their debut and it almost never happens. No dashed expectations here. Spread Joy has done it! An already expertly dynamic and interesting band honed their magic and distilled it to perfection. Yet another BEST OF 2022 alert and if Suburban Lawns is a band that you hold any affection for, prepare to have your mind blown by one of the most distinct vocal performances I have heard on a record in years.