Spllit - Sides LP (Amite River water colored vinyl)

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Spllit - Sides LP (Amite River water colored vinyl)

Spllit - Sides LP (Feel It / USA)

Amite River water colored vinyl - Limited edition of 250 copies packaged in a reverse board sleeve with insert and download code.

They Say:

Somewhere out there, a new sound known as Next Level Music exists.
The hot and humid Amite River basin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the unlikely, albeit natural inflection point for such a sound - created by a duo with a driving penchant for originality, known as SPLLIT. The story of Spllit begins with a fun challenge of sorts: to write and record split sides of an album in under a day's time. Enter Urq and Marance, and their arsenal of odd-shaped guitars, synthesizers, glass and metal percussive gadgets, marimbas, and so-on.

"Spllit Sides" slowly rises from a cacophony of tape splicing into clear and concrete Next Level Music. Like an acid tableaux vivant ~ a swirling sonic whirlwind of loose and odd time signatures come into play along with the occasional pop sensibility. Originality remains key in Spllit's formula, but let's establish some sonic kinship - maybe a Devolved, Deep South version of The Flying Lizards. Or a deep fried Eno sitting in with The Magic Band. This Heat from a place that's actually hot and has quietly housed eccentrics like The Zoomers for decades.

Freaky shit from a fun(ky) new cloud. Spllit's first album features seven brand new cuts and a fresh coat of ether applied to their previous "Spllit Together" cassette, with a vibrant mastering job courtesy of Caufield Schnug (Sweeping Promises).

We Say:

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR STEREO! Your turntable belt isn't on the fritz. Welcome to NEXT LEVEL MUSIC. Yeah, this old timer definitely checked my record player the first time I spun it because there are unpredictable speed shifts that bring spastic fits to a grinding halt and then they bounce back like a super ball. It is as if Laurie Anderson and Mark Mothersbaugh partnered up for Dr. Dimento. It is chaos theory throwing a dance party where they gravity in the room is constantly shifting as Zappa plays on. Baton Rouge is home to this duo and the the second largest indoor carousel in the world. Now imagine this carousel rebelling by ditching its usual calliope soundtrack and playing a Residents record using a finger to spin the record as smiley face ping pong balls shoot out in all directions. Spllit are that kind of freaky fun.