Soul Jazz Record Bag - Black & Gold for 12" Records

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Soul Jazz Record Bag - Black & Gold for 12" Records

Soul Jazz Record Bag - Black & Gold for 12" Records

The navy bags sold out quickly, but I managed to find this black and gold version which just happens to also match the colors of a certain local college-happy accident?

Genre: Function meets timeless fashion, mod air travel bag, the classiest record bag on the planet

Mood: Stylish

They Say:

Get down with the get down! Fantastic new season colours in Soul Jazz Records' classic 12" & 7" Record Bags (holds about 30 LPs/50 7"s). Fantastic for DJing, impressing you stylish friends or just 'carrying stuff'.

We Say:

Not only does this LP shopping bag carry the timeless vibe of a '60s air travel bag, it includes a long front pocket - perfect for sunglasses, phones, keys, want lists, masks, hand wipes, or whatever small/medium items you want to keep separate from your 12" size grips. The other bonus is the adjustable straps which allows you to swear on your shoulder or across your back like a messenger bag which give you a hand free shopping experience. Speaking from experience, while a portable turntable fits into the bag, it is typically too tall to zip up/ cover so it will stick out just a little, but the good news is that it is roomy enough to typically fit headphones too.