Smoosh - A Force To Be Rockin' With LP

Smoosh - A Force To Be Rockin' With LP

Smoosh - A Force To Be Rockin' With LP (Legless Recordings /Australia)

In shipping from Australia all four corners of the record jacket were dinged. The paper sleeve inseam is also split, however the record itself is perfectly intact. If you require a perfect record jacket, this record is not for you. If dinged corners do not disturb you, venture forth.

They Say:
"When people hear the word GLAM they either think of hair metal or Bowie but SMOOCH will teach you a lesson & the pages are filled with glitter. Get educated now!

You could almost place this band at the tail end of 1979 right where things began to shift for rock and roll and a lot like bands of that era they move through audio earworms that make the goosebumps rise and the head bang.

Recorded on the same desk as AC/DC & COLD CHISEL at Hot House Studios in St. Kilda SMOOCH bust in with hard hitting rock and roll. With this latest output SMOOCH have moved away from their initial Bubblegum beginnings and into Heavy Metal territory. Bands like GIRLSCHOOL & JUDAS PRIEST come to mind while keeping true to initial influences like STATUS QUO and of course KISS."