Silver Biplanes - A Moment in the Sun LP (orange vinyl)

Silver Biplanes - A Moment in the Sun LP (orange vinyl)

Silver Biplanes - A Moment in the Sun LP (Where It's At Is Where You Are/UK)

Limited to 500 copies and I am one of the few people stateside carrying this record. Shipping rates from the UK are higher than ever, so for you folks buying the LP in North America, I am the most affordable way to go.

Listening Notes: The mind measuring time, idiepop for astronomers, nostalgia drenched lite-psych, Members of The Razorcuts + The Melons = husband and wife C86 circa 2023 that will give fans of Ira & Georgia's motorik mediations something to grin about, pops of colour against a grey sky, synthpop drum machines moonlighting in an angora fuzzy jangle rock band, and a magnificent mod world gone mad.

Mood: 100,000 Fireflies in an elegant jet plane

They Say:

"A Moment In The Sun” is the debut long player by silver biplanes, a melodic indie band based in Bedfordshire, England. The band features wife-and-husband team Vanessa Vass and Tim Vass alongside drummer Rob Scott and the album is the pinnacle of a musical career which has previously seen Vanessa and Tim release songs on no fewer than 30 different labels between them!

The band are lifelong fans of the highways and bi-ways of music and the album draws upon a wide range of influences. It’s a heady mix of choruses, hooks and catchy tunes in which you’ll hear traces of psychedelia, post-punk, krautrock and more.

Tim was bassist and lyricist in cult indie band Razorcuts, co-writing all of their songs. Razorcuts releases regularly featured in the higher reaches of the independent charts throughout the late 80s, and included two top five albums recorded for the famous Creation label. Both albums were reissued in sellout deluxe vinyl editions in 2020. Razorcuts continue to appear on numerous compilations and their influence is often cited in books and internet articles. Tim has also played in Red Chair Fadeaway, Dandelion Wine and the Forever People.

Vanessa was the singer in 90’s indie band The Melons who are probably best remembered for their two legendary live sessions on Mark Radcliffe’s Radio 1 show. The Melons released 6 singles and were regularly featured in the British music press.