Saboten - S/T LP

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Saboten - S/T LP

Saboten - S/T LP (Sub Discos/Spain)

Listening Notes: Early contender for best reissues of 2023, band names that translate to Cactus which in turn makes me think of a cactus flower- a gorgeous tender bloom surrounded by prickles which is not unlike their music, King Kong covering Erik Satie, 1982 minimal Tokyo post-punk that will make any Raincoats fan instantly smile, dazzling imperfect-pop, bands Kurt Cobain would have LOVED, and eccentric uses of space, tone and melody which occasionally (and quite surprisingly) erupts into dissonant garage rock .

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They Say

Reissue, originally released in 1982. Formed in 1981 in Tokyo, Saboten was an all-girl-Erik Satie-obsessed-post-punk band. This album was recorded in 1982 at the legendary Studio Dig and is the first time the LP has been reissued in its original format. Remastered from the original master tapes with two bonus tracks from the same session. This reissue has the original artwork, extended with a gatefold cover and an extra A2 poster with lyrics, liner notes, photos, and amazing artwork by the singer and guitarist Satomi Matsumot. Saboten is featured on the cult compilations Huddle No Trouble (1984) and Welcome To Dreamland (1985). "Absolute masterpiece of minimal, Satie-influenced post-punk. No other group sounds like Saboten." "Saboten means 'cactus' and, like their namesake, they are spiky and yet oddly beautiful."

"Of the many things one could say of Saboten it is their impeccable sense of lyricism and melody that make them truly great. They were a female band unlike any other in the world. Part contemporary music, part rock, theirs is a high form of pop music. When all is said and done, they are a wonderful band, and one of only a handful that will forever remain in the collective musical consciousness." --Shunji Tsutaki