Rozi Plain - Prize LP (transparent vinyl)

Rozi Plain - Prize LP (transparent vinyl)

Rozi Plain - Prize LP (Memphis Industries/UK)

Listening Notes: Victorian wallpaper in a modern home, a colorful kite caught in the skeletal branches of a bare winter tree, cryptic folktronica, meringue musings that are as wispy as they are wonderful, the present looks hazy - ask again later, the distant echo of sadcore, and audio gold flakes that melt in the ear

Mood: Manipulating subtlety boldly

They Say:

Prize is the new album from Rozi Plain, musician, painter of boats and key member of This is the Kit. Recorded between London, Bordeaux and Glasgow, Prize establishes Rozi as a unique force in contemporary song writing, experimental but with a rare warmth and knack for finding the quirk in the everyday. The album features contributions from Danalogue (one third of Comets on Fire), Cole Pluice and Alabaster De Plume who appears on first single “Agreeing for Two”. Other highlights on Prize including “Help”, “Painted the Room” and “Spot Thirteen”.