Rearranged Face - Far Green Arcade LP

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Rearranged Face - Far Green Arcade LP

Rearranged Face - Far Green Arcade LP (Tomothy/USA)

They Say:

"L.A.’s Rearranged Face is back with the follow-up to 2021’s A Rare Caged Fern 12”, giving their anxious, art-fractured racket only slightly more room to unwind this time around. Far Green Arcade features eleven tracks jammed out fully econo, a frenetic blur of whirring and beeping keys, taut rubber band bass, bee-in-bonnet vocals, and urgently bashed beats, dished out in mostly sub-two-minute increments, never overstaying their welcome. The band’s basic approach is still a jumpy mix of Devo-descended wiggly world rhythms (“Another Mystery” and “Blink of an Eye” are especially devolved), hip-swinging early ’00s post-punk revival sass (the hiccuping floor-burner “Serpentstone”), and the synth-flecked bounce of early new wave (before that became a completely loaded term). But rather than merely stitching those asymmetrical scraps into another by-the-numbers genre pastiche, Rearranged Face bring a restless energy and genuine weirdo creativity to their twitchy sound, crafting something that’s authentically their own while still lovingly citing touchstones from the past—the new wave of new wave."

- Erika Elizabeth (MRR/Domestic Departure/Collate)