Orchestra Gold - Medicine LP

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Orchestra Gold - Medicine LP

Orchestra Gold - Medicine LP (self released/USA)

Listening Notes: Best of 2023 alert, Hypnotic African funk from Oakland CA with seventeen years behind them to master their craft, explosive brass sections in a rumble with reggae, samba, and acid drenched garage rock, knockout Afrofuturism rising like a phoenix, spiritual healing through the language of Bambara, and fiercely heavy rhythm sections.

Mood: Trail blazing into the future on the coattails of tradition

They Say:

Oakland, CA-based ensemble Orchestra Gold offers a kaleidoscope of sound deeply rooted in the Malian tradition while introducing a genre-bending nod to the future through their rare and artful fusion of African Psychedelic Rock. This original sound with a retro feel results from a decade-long collaboration between vocalist Mariam Diakite of Mali and Erich Huffaker of Oakland, CA. OG’s vibrant sound is spearheaded by the dynamic Mariam Diakite, whose raw, hypnotic vocals deliver heartfelt and thought-provoking lyrics in the highly symbolic Bambara language. While paying homage to Malian musical traditions, this fierce new sound thrives with heavy swinging rhythms, a funky fresh brass section and cosmic guitar licks. With the January 20, 2023, release of their third album: “Medicine,” this profoundly spiritual and dance-inducing ensemble continues their pursuit of spreading healing and community through the universal gift of music.

"They are grounded in tradition and moving the conversation of African diasporic music forward. The album implores the listener to join in and get lost in the magic."