Miss Mend - The Peel Sessions 12" (orange vinyl)

Miss Mend - The Peel Sessions 12" (orange vinyl)

Miss Mend - The Peel Sessions 12"( (Tip Top/USA)

Limited edition (300 worldwide) heavyweight 180gm Orange coloured vinyl.

Release Date 11/24/2023

They Say:

The elusive and long awaited Miss Mend 'John Peel Session' originally broadcast by the BBC on 3rd August 1999 is finally released by Tip Top Recordings.

The BBC Recording session was recorded at Maida Vale 3, London on 6th June 1999 by Graeme Wilson (guitar/vocals), Lisa Rosendahl (vocals), Nick Neyland (bass), Dino Gollnick (guitar), Jon Hamilton (drums) and David Callahan (keyboards) collectively Miss Mend. Released in memory of Graeme Wilson and John Peel with permission from BBC.

“And the next tune from Miss Mend who are in session tonight is called Ernst Degner, and I have to admit that I had no idea who Ernst Degner was. Some of you may know, but I bet the majority of you don’t. In 1962 he was the 50cc world motor racing champion on a Suzuki from West Germany. There you go. Lots of information on this program. That’s a really sad story. I’m sure I can remember Andy Kershaw telling me about that actually now that I come to think about it. Miss Mend in session and the story of Ernst Degner. I was taking notes down from Andy Kershaw who phoned up with more information about Ernst Degner and I think I’ve got this roughly right. He used to ride in the early 1960s for the East Germans. He was East German himself – MZ Company - and at the 1961 Finnish Grand Prix he defected and handed over the plans that MZ for a two-stroke engine to Suzuki and really as a result of that two-stroke motor cycle technology got underway in Japan and has reached the state that it’s in now. Anyway so it’s a sad story ultimately because he committed suicide, but a very influential man.” John Peel