Mini Dresses - S/T LP

Mini Dresses - S/T LP

Mini Dresses - S/T LP (Joy Void/USA)

I can't believe I found some copies of these! These will likely be the last two copies I get as once other stores saw me post about this buried treasure, they picked up the rest of the remaining copies. We all know Caufield and Lira to be the masterminds behind Sweeping Promises, but did you know that in 2017 they had a band together called Mini Dresses? Have you ever wondered what these under talented humans would sound like in a dreamy slowcore band with eggshell melodies and hazy reverb guitars that David Lynch could meditate to? IT IS SO GREAT. Own a piece of music history that was an important stepping stone to one of the best bands in America today.

They Say (and adorably so doesn't do this record justice)

Mini Dresses has been Boston’s best kept secret for years. Over a slew of EPs and singles mostly recorded at home on laptops, the band has quietly crafted an impressive catalog of dreamy indie pop songs. Their latest release is a full-length, self titled ten song collection available September 15th on Joy Void. The band experiments with a range of sounds - the hazy, slow burning “Fantasy Nails” allows vocalist Lira Mondal’s signature voice to take center stage, while the quick and jangly “Everywhere I Go” recalls the indie-pop of the stars of the Sarah Records catalog.