Memorials - Music For Film: Tramps! 2LP

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Memorials - Music For Film: Tramps! 2LP

Memorials - Music For Film: Tramps! 2LP ( The State51 Conspiracy/UK)

Limited edition to a mere 500 copies - first pressing is already sold out and this is among the few places in the U.S. to be stocking it. This pressing includes: printed inners w/ lyrics, photo, contains 2 albums - Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb
download code for both albums, and a GORGEOUS poster.

They Say:

A seismic, cinematic double dose from two sonic veterans with previous in Wire, Electrelane, and Better Corners. Memorials’ kaleidoscopic debut covers broad musical territory, encompassing protest songs, fuzz-flooded pop, searing drone, and psychedelic freakouts whilst carving out a sound that is uniquely their own. Both halves of this dynamic double album were originally conceived as individual film soundtracks but once the multi-instrumental duo of Verity Susman and Matthew Simms brought Music For Film into a live space, the desire to shape it into a cohesive whole was more than they could resist. The resulting, intoxicating, musical odyssey can be viewed independently from the associated films and stands proudly as an ambitious artistic statement.