Maggot Brain #16 Mazagine (Mar/Apr/May 2024)

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Maggot Brain #16  Mazagine (Mar/Apr/May 2024)

They Say:

"On the cover: This is a really packed, special issue of Maggot Brain, with the feature cover story a comprehensive interview by celebrated writer Sasha Frere-Jones with essayist Lucy Sante (who's written for every issue of MB since the start), on the occasion of her awesome memoir about transitioning, I Heard Her Call My Name. Inside: Phill Niblock: A tribute to the genius musician, filmmaker, label head, and generous promoter of ecstatic sound, by Steve Silverstein. Tresa Leigh: An in-depth feature on the star of Efficient Space's beloved Ghost Riders compilation! Really a beautiful, untold story. Dredd Foole: As his legacy is revealed through Corbett vs Dempsey's archival series, Foole talks to Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny about the role of his band the Din in the Boston underground. Plus, sidebars from Christina Carter, Kris Price, and Phil Milstein. Loopsel: Mike McGonigal on some of the most elusive, beautiful contemporary music, straight out of Gothenburg. Sleater-Kinney: 30 vital years of uncompromising music, by none other than Audrey Golden!"