Los Bric a Brac - S/T LP

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Los Bric a Brac - S/T LP

Los Bric a Brac - S/T LP (Musica & Entretenimiento/Spain)

They Say:

Reissue, originally released in 1967. Los Bric a Brac is a very special band within Chilean pop because of the diversity of its members: its leader and founding member, Luis "Chino" Urquidi, came from Los Cuatro Cuartos, one of the most successful Chilean neo-folk bands of the time who were joined by the two most recognizable faces of the band, and Antonio Zabaleta was from Los Red Juniors, and Paz Undurraga, formerly of Las Cuatro Brujas. With such diverse influences the group achieved a sound closer to international pop, but with touches of bossa nova, vocal groups like The Mama's and the Papa's, or the most direct reference to the British beat. The convulsive times in Chile made Bric a Brac approach the social commentary, but not from the sidewalk of militancy, but with a more distant look, almost as an impartial observer. Given the popularity of its members, TV was important for the massiveness of success, which came very soon for the band, who after their debut single immediately released their first LP, which is the one we present here, and the most representative of a band that as the interpretation of its name seems to indicate -- a little bit of everything -- moved in a wide range of styles. Their life was very short, and after a second LP called Nuestro Show, equally successful, came the separation and the end of one of the most popular pop groups of the late '60s in Chile. The single "Sacale las balas a tu fusil" (Take the Bullets off Your Rifle) is an anti-war song, originally recorded by Argentinian duo Barbara & Dick. "Alma joven" (Young Soul) was a second single, but their biggest hit was "Nunca Jamas" (Never Ever), the song that gave the band the chance to be included in the prestigious Viña de Mar Festival. From the original IRT masters.