Les Boots - Twenty Years 7"

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Les Boots - Twenty Years 7"

Les Boots - Twenty Years 7" (Pop Supérette /France)


I am one of the few folks in America with this record for sale - check out all this good stuff: Super 45 rpm facsimile, sold with: • a French sixties EP
style cover (laminated offset printing, with exterior flaps, etc.); • a 4-page color booklet; • a postcard ; • a color OBI (cardboard band wrapping the disc).

They Say:

Les BOOTS represented in France, with Ronnie BIRD, Les PROBLÈMES and a few other groups, the cream of anti-yéyé rock. They have all created something unique, a real French pop culture, which is at once the twinks from the Drugstore or the rockers from Castel, new wave existentialism, the beatniks from the Latin Quarter, the Pieds Nickelés and, of course, Swingin' London and its British Beat. In this super 45 lap from BOOTS, we hear four mod-rockers who know their jerk like the back of their hand. They have a sharp and saturated sound, impeccable harmonies, on the level of those of the Hollies, no less than that… And above all, irresistible melodies sung in French! Accompanied by two guitarists with striking ideas, Joël Rive and Farid Khaldi (future Denis Pépin), the bassist, Robert Fitoussi (future FR David), proves to be a formidable singer, with a very particular high phrasing, giving the sensation that his voice and the group's harmonies split the air or glide across it. A must !

Reissue of the 2nd super 45 rpm released on Polydor in 1966.

Side A / Side 1
Reissue of their 2nd EP released on Polydor in 1966
1. Vingt ans (she is twenty) [Rive-Fitoussi]
2. Twen [Rive-Fitoussi]
Face B / Side 2
1. People are mean [B. Mu-Monty]
2. Ali-baba [Rive-Fitoussi]