Large Plants - The Thorn LP

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Large Plants - The Thorn LP

Large Plants - The Thorn LP (Ghost Box/UK)

They Say:

The Thorn is the second album by Large Plants.

The Thorn was partly recorded at the same time as the The Carrier, with more songs added subsequently. However, all tracks for both albums were recorded and performed entirely by Jack Sharp in a barn, since demolished. “It was a dirty, rusty, metal shack with no insulation or sound treatment, and it was full of junk, but it sounded weirdly great, and I loved it.” Sharp told Shindig magazine.

"Large Plants is basically Jack Sharp and his studio, although a live band version also exists. Performing simultaneously as a solo folk artist, he has also been a member of Wolf People, with that project currently on hold. This is his second album as Large Plants, and offers a slightly more pastoral feel to the darker colours of last year’s The Carrier.

Tendril starts all something wicked this way comes, a disturbing rustle in the hedgerow, bubbling Moog bass, spiky guitars and clattering percussion. When Sharp starts to sing, a frisson of Ozzy enters the ear, before he finds his own voice, the instrumentation flailing around his voice in a maelstrom of frantic activity, stopping near as soon as it starts." -