Kösmonaut - Contagion Vapours LP (plum/black swirl vinyl)

Kösmonaut - Contagion Vapours LP (plum/black swirl vinyl)

Kösmonaut - Contagion Vapours LP (Castles in Space/UK)

They Say:

“Contagion Vapors” was recorded between May 2020 and March 2021, in tandem with “Transgressive Transmissions”. Both albums have been released by Castles in Space, however they feature completely different sonic energies.

Caught up in the first wave of pandemic doom/gloom which resulted in a bizarre creative bloom for Patrick, both albums have unique sounds anchored in the immense Patrick R Pärk/Kösmonaut discographies. This one is definitely a Kösmonaut record, however.

Patrick’s ”Contagion Vapors” is a chilled out vaporwave sonic adventure which soothes the worn soul like an icy balm with its motorik repetitions and sonic patterns and swirls.

Uncharacteristically upbeat and always positive, the album was a personal exercise in not becoming consumed by COVID isolation and misery.

Major influences were Patrick Cowley, Cybotron, Automat, Cluster, and Harmonia and the entire album was recorded / mixed in the midnight witching hours over the course of only 2-3 days.

Ever prolific, Patrick is currently deep diving hard into post Y2K New Age conjurations with his massive Galactic Mirage project which should see another CD box set later this year. There's also some forthcoming Teeth Of Glass vinyl coming from Library Of the Occult later this year and plenty of Patrick’s self released "chrome sonic babies" in between.