Kitchen's Floor - None of That LP

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Kitchen's Floor - None of That LP

Kitchen's Floor - None of That LP (Petty Bunco / Eternal Soundcheck/ USA)

Listening Notes: Shock treatment vibrations, outrageously bleak rumblings, waiting for death down under, bad times turned into a really good songs, Jacaranda plants shedding its skin is a visual hint at a pastorale turn - doom folk, and unrushed recordings we have been waiting on for years that do not disappoint.

Mood: Staring into a Vantablack void and then snapping out of it.

They Say:

Latest offering from the worldwide kings of downer punk, Brisbane’s Kitchen's Floor. Across its ten tracks, None of That spins like a propulsive claustrophobic miasma with a certain Matt Kennedy languidly seated, shouting and babbling coherently at the center of the storm. It’s a hummable bummer statement that sounds content and settled in its muck. This is the soundtrack for those out there who take a sober look in the mirror each morning and mutter the mantra “I can’t go on, I’ll go on”. Recall, if you will, the supposition that “home is where the floor is”—None of That would suggest that home is in the kitchen.