Kamikaze Palm Tree - Mint Chip LP

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Kamikaze Palm Tree - Mint Chip LP

Kamikaze Palm Tree - Mint Chip LP (Drag City/USA)

They Say:

For their sophomore effort/Drag City debut, the enigmatic duo expand into eight-armed wonder; all the better to reach ever-deeper into their bag o' tricks. Slinky and sliding elegantly, the kids forge tunes with a harmony of ambiguity and nostalgia, effortless yet precise, and rounded with thick bottom - a dancing clash of cognition and dissonance!

"Opener ‘Flamingo’s elegant top-line tangles through angular guitar and slippery bass. ‘Smoke On The Milk, But My War’, trips from bluegrass licks into grungey strums. Elsewhere are wonky synth pop excursions, mutant folk rock and, on ‘Club Banger’, a creaking, surreal ballad. Throughout, Hadley’s vocals have shades of both Nico and The Raincoats’ Ana Da Sliva. Kamikaze Palm Tree’s music is reminiscent of the diversity of Haha Sound-era Broadcast if you replaced their spectral pop with a taste for country music twang and theatrical post-punk."