Heavy Metal - FOUR 2LP

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Heavy Metal - FOUR 2LP

Heavy Metal - FOUR 2LP (Total Punk/USA)

Here's the catch. This gatefold jacket was scored and folded in the reverse style of what you would think is correct. The way the band wanted it is the plain pink (no writing) on the outside, and what you would think to be the front cover is on the inside. I assure you, this is how it is intended to be.

They Say:

I never thought I would see the day when TOTAL PUNK would release a 2xLP, but you'll do crazy things for love. HEAVY METAL's 2019 magnus opus up until this point has only been released as a cassette but that is all about to change. 60+ minutes of HEAVY METAL spread over four sides and housed in a gatefold jacket. This is by far Total Punk's most lavish project but as worshippers at the alter of all things HEAVY METAL we are more than happy to fork over the dough.

"Haunty, melodic and a little sad. Three's Company." -- quarby, sneakmove.com

1. Tonight
2. I Lost Something In The Hills
3. The End
4. Softly
5. Remember The Day
6. Forget About
7. William
8. Says Elliott
9. Colour Green
10. Driving
11. Girl
12. Wim
13. Forgett
14. Give Me A Smile