Green/Blue - Worry/Gimme Hell 7"

Green/Blue - Worry/Gimme Hell 7"

Green/Blue - Worry/Gimme Hell 7" (Feel It/USA)

Listening Notes: Alfred E Neuman and Moxie Cowznofski distill their thoughts on Worry into the purest punk anthem, a chugging freight train, reliable scene vets from Minneapolis getting naked, and The Gories of melodic riff-rock.

Mood: No frills/no BS

They Say:

"In the spirit of Dead Moon before them, Green/Blue have wrangled the simplicity of “Worry” and “Gimme Hell” to write some of their best songs to date, punk anthems that’ll have you shouting in no time. While they’ve upped the jangle and loosened the density, the duel vocal approach on “Worry” is plenty epic, a big nasty punk song with pop splendor and self-awareness. The vocals pair Sparrows and Blaha together for a riotous gang effect, giving it a sort of last-call at the seedy bar kind of energy. Which is to say, it’s pretty much perfect, a song about the struggle that feels downright triumphant. “Gimme Hell” follows suit, a down but never out call to rise up and fight. The skeletal guitars and punchy rhythm keep it firmly in the garage spit-and-jangle mode with vocals that pretty much demand to be shouted en masse. Whether it’s a new direction for the band or just a fun one-off from the studio sessions, Green/Blue sound absolutely super-charged." -Dan Goldin / Post-Trash