Fred Schneider & the Superions - Destination ...Christmas LP (red vinyl)

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Fred Schneider & the Superions - Destination ...Christmas LP (red vinyl)

Fred Schneider & the Superions - Destination ...Christmas LP (HHBTM/USA)

An outrageous fruitcake you will want as the centerpiece at your next holiday party.

They Say:

Destination Christmas by Fred Schneider & the Superions is the perfect holiday party dance album every household needs. If the voice sounds familiar, yes it is that same Fred Schneider of the B-52s. Destination Christmas is equal parts disco bangers, sensual French pop, comedic holiday numbers, suggestive lyrics, and never a dull moment. An album that keeps the Xmas party going through new years. Hit the dance floor with disco party holiday anthems "Santa's Disco", 'Fruitcake", and "Teddy and Betty Yeti", laugh out loud to some of Fred's funniest Christmas tracks "Christmas Tears", "Laughter at Christmas", "Crummy Christmas Tree", don't forget the sensual French pop numbers "Santa Je T'aime", and "Under the Tree", then the more suggestive "Chillin' At Christmas", and "Jingle Those Bells", and don't forget the hi-nrg "Christmas Conga (Jungle Bells)" that answers the question what if Divine wrote a Christmas song. If your party is a bore and the guests are falling asleep or leaving early, just put on Destination Christmas and pull out the rum soaked Fruitcake and get the party in full swing. All the songs on Destination Christmas are all originals, so get ready for all new Christmas holidays classics.