Flex TMG - Whisper Swish 12"

Flex TMG - Whisper Swish 12"

Flex TMG - Whisper Swish 12" (Domestic Departure/USA)

Genre: Italo disco, Outsider dance music, post-punk, unpretentious funk, 'big city warehouse party vibes

Mood: We might be lovers if the rhythm's right

They Say

The debut record from Bay Area mutant disco duo Flex TMG — get into the groove, dance to destroy.

"Whether they intended it or not, Flex The Music Group is an extraordinarily apt moniker for this project, in which Fake Fruit’s Hannah D’Amato and Blues Lawyer’s Rob I. Miller exercise different musical muscles without losing a speck of the charisma they infuse into their other groups. They promise “leftfield disco,” and that’s exactly what Whisper Swish delivers. D’Amato and Miller sing tongue-twisting lyrics over fuzzed-out bass and the occasional flanging guitar melody that somehow never get lost amid the booty-shaking synthesizer beats (this is the flex we’re talking about). Whisper Swish taps into what ESG, Deee-Lite, Maximum Joy, and Blondie once handed to disco and punk clubs alike, but with an attitude all Flex TMG’s own. On the penultimate track, “Quiero Que Sepas” (“I Want You To Know”), D’Amato sings about “something you can latch onto.” But she need not worry — you’re already hooked." (Erin O'Hare)

300 copies pressed, die-cut jacket with two-sided risographed insert, includes Bandcamp download code.

We Say:

There aren't very many bands I can think of that sound like Luscious Jackson (ex Beastie's girl member does ESG DIY hip hop to dance to that also appealed to indie rockers ) and I have been waiting decades for another band to DJ next to them in set. I FINALLY have that at last with Flex TMG. Unpretentious, deeply cool funk-punk-disco that creates the atmosphere of a big city downtown warehouse party where everyone feels welcome and there is no dress code. After years of feeling tense and caged, I am so ready to feel free the kind of carefree joy that only getting sweaty on a dancefloor can bring you.