Fleur - Le Capharna​ü​m b​/​w Fais Gaffe 7"

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Fleur - Le Capharna​ü​m  b​/​w Fais Gaffe 7"

Fleur - Le Capharna​ü​m (Shambles) b​/​w Fais Gaffe (Watch Out) 7" (Soundflat/Germany)

Genre: Ye-ye, garage pop, psychedelic, freak beat, death discs, popcorn

Mood: Pedal to the metal in a James Bond car

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They Say:

Two stompers with Fleur’s warm and silky voice on top
that will easily fill every dancefloor!

Written by Arjan Spies, Paul Zoontjens and Dave von Raven, with lyrics by Fleur and Lou’ Szymanowski.

'Le Capharnaüm' is taken from the upcoming second album which is planned for November 11th 2022. (Which will also be stocked by Courtesy Desk)

We Say:

A Courtesy Desk Favorite artist and shop top seller! This is the first of two singles leading up the much anticipated brand record album Bouquet Champ​ê​tre (Country Bouquet) due November 11th. If the idea of Girls in the Garage raised on teen death discs (think "Leader of the Pack") peaks your interest, this is the record for you!

Dutch singer Floor Elman (hence the play on the French word Fleur which means flower) sings in French and expertly cultivates a throwback to the swinging '60s. Every aspect of Fleur is a flawless tribute to '60s ye-ye music, from the songs, to her appearance, and even the the album art which offers a whimsical wink to her namesake and album title.

This double A side winner of a single delivers two very different kinds of homeruns. The A-side "Le Capharna​ü​m" is two minutes of organ heavy popcorn, blending pop and soul into smoking upbeat dancefloor groover with terrific breaks and unforgettable vocal hooks.

The B-side is moodier with thrilling twists and turns. A foot is pressed to the guitar fuzz pedal metal. Shimmering tambourines sparkle like freshly polished chrome. The sound of a revving motor screeches around corners, taking us on an unforgettable, edge of the seat ride. "Fais Gaffe" channels heavy hitter ye-yers like Christine Laume/Charlotte Leslie, inching us closer to the direction of Dutch band Shocking Blue's psychedelic hard rock.