Elliott Fullam - What's Wrong LP (purple marble vinyl)

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Elliott Fullam - What's Wrong LP (purple marble vinyl)

Elliott Fullam - What's Wrong LP (Kill Rock Stars/USA)

LP Purple Marble Vinyl, Limited to 500 Copies

Review by Erin O

Listening notes: We'll just get this out of the way: Elliott Fullam's "What's Wrong" immediately brings to mind the songcraft of another Elliott (Smith). It's there in the sound, in the mood, in the song titles ("You'll See My Ghost," "Blend Into Walls," etc.), and yet, Fullam's not just mimicking a musician whose influential work holds a special place in so many hearts. Fullam plays everything on the record, which is tastefully, beautifully put together and straddles the line between consciousness and some other state of being, like when someone's been spending a little too much time alone in their head thinking about someone else. It's always cool when singers can harmonize with themselves, and Fullam's great at that. There's also something special about the way he sings the word "you" (don't ask why, or how, it just stuck out). These are ruminations on young life, sung in a soft voice with soft-plucked accompaniment echoing not just Smith, but Nick Drake, and, occasionally, Mikal Cronin's daintier side.

Mood: The first crocus, ready to brave late winter to herald in spring…it thinks.

They Say:

Elliott Fullam is a New Jersey artist who conjures the magic of when loneliness meets hope with his ghostly vocal melodies and gentle guitar tracks that bring a tranquil feeling to the listener. All of Elliott’s songs are recorded in his bedroom at home and mastered by the world-renowned Alan Douches of West West Side Music. His teenage goal was to release his first album by the time he turned 18 and he achieved that goal with the release of his debut album “What’s Wrong” on his 18th birthday of September 2, 2022.

Elliott is also an actor, playing the co-starring role as Jonathan in the film Terrifier 2 which made a big smash at the box office as an uncut and unrated horror film. And as a dedicated music fan, Elliott has interviewed many musicians since the age of 9 including James Hetfield of Metallica, J Mascis, Ice-T, Jay Weinberg of Slipknot and many more. He always held his passion for music in high regard while finding inspiration in his favorites Elliott Smith, Duster, Mazzy Star, Broadcast, Radiohead and Nick Drake. With nothing else in his life plans aside from the pursuit of creating the best music he possibly could while sustaining his promising acting career, Elliott will continue to release music and play shows for as long as he exists on this planet in hopes that he may be a small part of the force for good in this trying world.