Eduardo Araújo + Silvinha - Sou Filho Desse Chao LP

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Eduardo Araújo + Silvinha - Sou Filho Desse Chao LP

Eduardo Araújo + Silvinha - Sou Filho Desse Chao LP (Psico BR Discos & Posters/Spain)

Genre: A fusion of funk, rock, and Brazilian rhythms, heck even proto hard-rock at times

Mood: A mermaid on the back of a Harley Davidson

They Say:

Reissue, originally released in 1976. Eduardo Araújo is a Brazilian singer owner of a bold but also incredible high note voice; and his duo singer Silvinha, owner of a great soulful voice, having both been very known to main public and successful in their careers across various music styles from the '60s, '70s, and '80s in Brazil. Araújo reached fame when still young in the early sixties with the massive hit "O Bom" in the Brazilian movement of "Jovem Guarda", along with his fellow companions Erasmo Carlos and Tim Maia, who were also young with success to come. Eduardo Araújo and Silvinha married in the late sixties and partnered in life and music, sometime having recorded both in solo and duo albums, always in the music spotlight for their talent and also surrounded by great musicians. After his successful debut, Eduardo Araújo introduced soul music in Brazil with the album A Onda é Boogaloo in 1968, produced by Tim Maia. In the 1972, Eduardo Araújo released the first Brazilian record recorded in 24 tracks, Kizumbau, which brought many innovations and is very known for his particular style of combining funk rock with Brazilian regional rhythms. In 1975, Eduardo Araújo made a conceptual album into the roots of rock and roll called Pelos Caminhos do Rock, which opened a door to reach more hard rock bands from the decade, influenced by Steppenwolf and Creedence Clearwater Revival. For 1976 album, Eduardo Araújo wanted to dive into Brazilian culture, so he travelled to Salvador, Bahia and was presented to capoeira and candomblé, two Brazilian cultures originated from the African Brazilian community since the colony period, to develop his new album Sou Filho Desse Chão, now in his brand new owned eight-channel studio facility. Eduardo Araujo brought a dream team of musicians, naming Dirceu, drummer from tropicalia and first drummer from the Os Mutantes album; Luciano Souza "Luguita", guitarist legend who mentored famous guitarists such as Pepeu Gomes from Novos Baianos and played with Arnaud Rodrigues and Som Nosso; Valdecir on bass, from Black Rio, the influential band leading movement of black music from Rio de Janeiro; and sanfonista Dominguinhos, the most famous disciple of Luiz Gonzaga. The album cover was also not conventional for the market by Eduardo's choice: he wanted to show the real picture of the hot, dry and arid Brazilian "sertão", dramatically portraited in the drawing with the brutal skeleton riding it's chivalry from fire. As Eduardo Araújo explained in 1976: "Our musical philosophy remains the same: mixing rock and northeastern music to make a universal sound."

We Say:

Potent Afro-Brazilian hard rock that is as sexy as it is a sincere head banger. This is so flaming hot that even the skeleton depicted on the cover riding through fire is sweating! You can't ask for a better all-star backing band to bring this acid-tinged rocker to its full screaming potential (Dirceu, drummer Os Mutantes album; legendary guitarist Luciano Souza "Luguita", Valdecir from Black Rio on bass, ; and sanfonista Dominguinhos who performed/toured with all the heavy hitters like Luiz Gonzaga, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa) and this LP will make fans of Shocking Blue or Jefferson Airplane who also have a special section for records from Brazil in their collection especially happy.