Courtesy Desk Tee Yellow

Courtesy Desk Tee Yellow

1 color print on daisy gildan 2000 shirts

About This Shirt Design:

This shirt is a tribute mash up of two of my favorite things: The classic Crazy Eddie tee (consumer electronics + record store from the NJ/NY area) + the mascot found on a classic movie theater popcorn bag (one of my favorite vehicles to consume a butter adjacent topping).

Crazy Eddie's was my record local shop in the early '80s when I was first started to collect records. Two employees at the Rt 17 location were kind enough to write on the back of a store bag a list of new wave and alternative bands I should buy when they saw my interest in music was outside of the mainstream. Their willingness to take the time to show me new music that wasn't top 40 hits changed my life. I saved up my weekly allowance and purchased a different record on their list every month for years. (I still have the bag, now framed). This was the first time I realized how important music was to me, that I was hungry to hear something new/different every waking moment of the day, and that the thoughtful actions of one person can alter another person's life for the better. Crazy Eddie was the first stone in a lifetime path dedicated to underground music and helping other people discover new music. I am however aware that the words "crazy" and "insane" are loaded terms and can have negative connotations. In this instance, they are connected to the outlandish marketing campaign that for those of us who grew up un the tri-state area, associate with our childhood in the '70s and '80s.

As for the popcorn girl mascot turned record enthusiast, whelp, that is me, a kid for life, deeply in love with music and the crunchy stuff dripping in mystery chemicals masquerading as butter with extra salt. For those who are really paying attention, her hair bow is the Crazy Eddie bowtie, because who doesn't like a little extra attention to detail?

My name is Tracy and I own/run Courtesy Desk alone so heck yeah I am putting a girl front and center on this shirt. I am proud that in the male dominated world of the music industry, Courtesy Desk is a woman-owned small business. My husband is the genius behind all my graphics (for Turntable Report too), but the rest is all me