Co-Pilot - Rotate LP (violet vinyl)

Co-Pilot - Rotate LP (violet vinyl)

Co-Pilot - Rotate LP (Dell'Orso/UK)

A restock of a customer favorite from 2023!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any of you who are fans of groops like Broadcast, Vanishing Twin, The Soundcarriers, Beautify Junkyards, Ghost Box Records, Death and Vinia, Josephine Odhil, Cindy, and Lorelle Meets the Obsolete.

They Say:

After taking time out from working together to focus on separate musical projects, maverick composer Alan Roberts (Jim Noir) and crowd-rousing vocalist Leonore Wheatley (International Teachers of Pop/The Soundcarriers) have re-joined forces to introduce Co-Pilot. Happy in the haze of many boozy hours the album was recorded over just a few months whilst holed up and hanging out in Al's city centre Dookstereo studio. As Leonore added her vocal magic to Al's early demos of what would eventually become Co-Pilot's "Spring Beach" and a crooked original version of closing track "Corner House," the vibe was prophetic. The songs were the catalyst to spark a new phase of the pair working together, picking up where they left off. Powered by a "try anything" approach, Co-Pilot blends the musical DNA of what you've come to expect from each of the pair's previous flight paths. The album even features snippets from dearly departed pal Batfinks whilst "Motosaka" is perhaps the most expensive two-minutes on the album, featuring a Columbia Records Japan-cleared sample of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Thousand Knives." Co-Pilot's destination might be unknown, but the clouds are about to part for a sound that is light years ahead.