Chronophage - The Pig Kiss'd LP (Second Press)

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Chronophage - The Pig Kiss'd  LP (Second Press)

Chronophage - The Pig Kiss'd LP (Cleta Patra/USA)

Second press is black vinyl on reverse board printer jacket)

We Say:

I have been reading about the graphic design shift on book dust covers and how they went from stodgy, unadorned, givers of essential information using only text on cloth or leather to the dramatically less serious, creative and colorful paperbacks. At the time, publishers feared these picture jackets devalued their literary their craft with their madcap, artful mid-century modernisms but in fact, they innovated a design revolution still being copied and coveted today. The seriously bemusing and bewitching Monochrome Set were the musical version of this to the rigid rules of punk. In a post-punk world, their wit and willingness to deliver an imaginative take on a sacred genre using unusual hooks was a technique a band like Beat Happening applied yet another variation of. The lineage of clever, outsider pop continues with Chronophage from Austin, Texas. Irreverence delivered with heart, this is your chance to go to art school without putting a brush to canvas.